Saturday, August 31, 2013


It rained off and on as we headed to the other side of town, but faded as we pulled into the zoo parking lot.  While extremely humid, it was overcast most of our hike through the facility..  couldn't complain much when the light breeze blew through.  Really, you can't ask for more when you attempt the Phoenix Zoo in August...

I can't make the trip and not "see the whole thing," so I dragged the family (almost) kicking and screaming through the last few trails..  Really didn't care if sweat was dripping down my back, the sun was starting to bake, my legs were tired, and I felt like stopping for a drink every time we came upon a water fountain - I'm just "that guy."

Almost all the animals were out and about, which was nice.  We even got a fantastic view of the Andean bear and her new cub Luka, which is now a local celebrity. :)  Another major highlight was seeing Gen ride a camel.

After all the fun, Ethan was a sweaty, hot mess....  hangin' with some zebras.



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